Herbert Colborne Oakley
1869 - 1944
Artist, scholar & gentle man
A virtual gallery of this neglected artist's work.
HCO bust

Willy Tom (undated) Flowers in Blue Glass Vase

"Oakley did not exactly herald the British Renaissance nor did he really break new ground - however, he is certainly an interesting and individual artist.  In a way he was the epitome of an intelligent middle class Englishman who retired to devote himself to the semi-bohemian life of a painter - (although he was a good draughtsman and must have had "formal" art training - not a casual amateur) - he found a perfect setting at the farm ... "
( in St. David's in Wales).

From the curator of a museum in Britain.

Born into a wealthy family, trained as an artist until his mid-twenties, taught art until his mid-forties, then retired to enjoy his love for travel and painting, particularly portraits - this was Herbert C. Oakley.

This web site is an attempt to progressively compile a record of this neglected artist's work, as well as to try and assemble some relevant (and with luck, interesting) background on the artist and on the subjects for the portraits he painted, generally local people from:

- Southampton in England
- Mory-Montcrux in France
- Settignano and Florence in Italy
- St. David's in Wales.

He seldom exhibited his paintings, being of independent means, however there is a certain evocative quality to his work, especially most of his portraits.
Please view, and hopefully you will enjoy some of the material.

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