Bertie (1928)

by Herbert Colborne Oakley

Oil on wood
14" x 17"

Private Collection

Further Information

The Sitter
- was Bertie Arnold from St. David's in Wales.

The Painting

Other Information
- Bertie was the son of Ivor & Ruth Arnold, with whom the artist lived whilst at St. David's in Wales.  He was brother to Rosina and Jim Arnold. He died at the age of 14 from a heart condition. The somewhat unnatural colouration of the cheeks was thought by the family to be a symptom of this condition.
Artist, Bertie & Ruth
Left: The artist with Bertie &Ruth Arnold.
Taken at Goat Street, St. David's on the 14 October 1929, a few days before Bertie's 13th birthday.

Below: Bertie's portrait, painted a year later.

                Bertie 1929

- Ruth and Ivor were advised by his doctors that Bertie might never see his fifteenth birthday.  This knowledge seems to have created a special attachment by the artist for Bertie, reflected in the number of paintings and sketches made by him of Bertie in the two years prior to his death.

Bertie sketch HC) note on Bertie sketch
A card given to Bertie's sister Rosina, following Bertie's death, taken from a copy of the sketch made by the artist in 1928.

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