"Herbert Lionel Drake"
Vicegerent of Pembroke College

by Herbert Colborne Oakley

Oil on canvas
24" x 26"

The image of the painting has been reproduced
by kind permission of the Master, Fellows and Scholars of Pembroke College, Oxford.

Collection: Pembroke College, University of Oxford

Further Information

The Subject
was Vicegerent Of Pembroke College, University of Oxford, for 28 years

The Painting
- was a commissioned painting for presentation to the College.
The following is a newspaper report on the painting:

"Mr. Herbert C. Oakley, the artist,
who is at present staying in Paris, but on Monday leaves for Italy,
was recently commissioned to paint a portrait of the Vice-Chancellor of Pembroke College
for presentation to the College, and the painting has been much admired."

It appears that the local newspaper (probably the "Southern Daily Echo" in Southampton) misrepresented the title of the Vicegerent.

Other Information
The painting can also be viewed at

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