Further Information

- The following is a report in the local newspaper regarding the painting:

Mr. H. C. Oakley, the well-known Southampton artist, has kindly loaned two of his own oil paintings to the Art Gallery at the Southampton Central Library.
Both pictures - they are quite recent productions of Mr. Oakley's brush - are charming.
One which bears the title of "The Will o' the Wisp", is a study of desolate marsh land beneath a cloud-laden and ominous sky.
In the heavens the only light comes from above a distant hill.  In the valley diaphanous mists wind and wreath themselves above the treacherous ground, until in one spot they assume human shape, luminous, intangible, and sinister, the very spirit of the forsaken region.

The other painting was "A symphony of the Sea - Sunset at Redcar, Yorkshire".

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